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                    New energy heat collecting facilities

                    Time:2016-02-25 Click:2458

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                    Zaozhuang Tairui chemical new energy

                    Zaozhuang Tairui chemical new energy

                    project introduction:

                    collector area: 6037.05㎡
                    Vacuum tube number: φ58mmⅩL1.8Ⅹ41750
                    heat-producing capability: 220t/d hot-water
                    water temperature: 60℃

                    energy-saving and emission-reduction:

                    The comprehensive energy saving standard coal 1058t
                    Carbon dioxide emissions 49375t
                    Sulfur dioxide emissions 371t

                    Zaozhuang Tairui chemical new energy in heat project for the provincial new energy collector demonstration project, my company is municipal energy-saving advanced units.

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